Regional Elite Team Program

The Regional Elite Team Program serves the Regional Gymnastics Community as an extension of the National Team Program of USA Gymnastics.

The Regional Elite Team Program adopts the philosophy, policies, directives, training methods, and technical information of the National Team Program for its use as a support program.

The Regional Elite Team Program addresses “Coaches Education” and “Athlete Development”.   The following are areas of its main focus:

  • The identification and selection of talented athletes and coaches through competition and evaluation.
  • The further education of talented athletes and coaches through Training Camps, Clinics, and Workshops.
  • Provide guidance and assistance for athletes and coaches with elite performance abilities.

A Regional Coaching Staff helps administer and communicate the directives and technical material stemming from Junior and Senior National Team Camps as well as technical knowledge of the Junior National Coaching Staff.


Regional Elite Team Program Composition and Policies

  • The Regional Elite Team Program is comprised of 36 athletes selected from one of two selection events annually.   Athletes will be selected from the Regional Future Stars Evaluation and the Regional Championships.   Regional Elite Team Program Members will be invited to attend the Regional Elite Team Training Camp.   In addition, members of the Regional Elite Team Program may be offered additional opportunity to represent the region, through additional camps, and or competitions.
  • Coaches of Regional Elite Team Members are encouraged to attend and participate in Regional Elite Team Training Camps and Coaching Workshops/Clinics.   These individuals are part of the educational focus of the Regional Coaching Staff. Information regarding the latest trends, training-plan development, and technical skill development are afforded each Regional Team Member and his Coach through the Regional Elite Team Training Camp and Regional Workshops/Clinics.
  • Coaches of qualified Regional Elite Team Program Members may request to bring to camp an Athlete training for the USA Championships at their own expense.   This is specifically an athlete that is not a current member of the Regional Elite Team Program in preparation for the USA Championships. This policy serves the purpose of not disrupting an athletes training plan and having quality coaches available to attend the Regional Elite Team Training Camp. This includes High School Senior athletes.
  • A previous Regional Elite Team Program Member that was unable/failed to re-qualify at the Regional Championships the following year may attend the camp at their own expense as long as their coach also attends. This one-year grace period, allows the talented gymnast and coach to remain regionally involved at their own expense. This is by request and is based on available space.
  • The Regional Team Coordinator with the approval of the Regional Coaching Staff have the ability to place up to three additional athletes into the Training Camp based on unusual or extenuating circumstances. (ie. Injury, Scheduled Conflict, National Team Obligations, etc.)

Camp objectives typically include the following:

  • Monitor performance ability and weaknesses through evaluation
  • Further Coach and Athlete Technical Education
  • Prepare and direct Skill Acquisition
  • National Qualifier and USA Championship Preparation
  • Discuss Regional and National planning and direction for the following training cycle.
  • Interact with coaches and athletes with similar goals and objectives.
  • Help provide necessary information with regard to Elite Development.