Author: DougBurton27

F/S & T/S Evaluation

The Future Stars & Technical Sequence Evaluation Results Saturday, October 08, 2016 9 Years Old 2016 FS Regionaal Scores 8yrs 2016 FS Regional Scores 9yrs 2016 FS Regional Scores 10yrs 2016 FS Regional Scores 11yrs 2016 FS Regional Scores 12yrs 2016 FS Regional Scores 13yrs 2016 TS Scores 11 Year Olds 12 Year Olds 13 Year...

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USA Gymnastics R&P Update

UPDATED 8/19/16 We are pleased to be able to provide the men’s gymnastics community access to the Men’s Rules and Policies book in an online format. By providing access in this manner, we can assure that a current Men’s Rules and Policies, with all changes to date, is always available.  You should occasionally check this page to note any changes that have been made in the Men’s Rules and Policies. The page number related to any changes that have been made will be noted on this page. When you go to that page you will notice that any text changes will be...

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